Weston Mckennie

Juventus star Weston McKennie’s dad has hit back at a fan on social media regarding his son’s quality.

McKennie, who is 24, is being linked to Arsenal and Leeds United this winter.

A Twitter account mentioned the rumor, with an Arsenal fan replying: “McKennie is nowhere close to being technically good enough for Arteta’s side.

“He doesn’t have the creative passing IQ, or the positional IQ. I think [Yunus] Musah is a better American to sign if they want depth for [Granit] Xhaka’s position.”

McKennie’s dad then replied: “What are you smoking so I can get some! [sic].”

He went on to write: “What everyone forgets is they said the same things [criticism] when he went to Juve. This [is] why I’m glad he doesn’t listen to couch pundits!”


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