Paris Saint-Germain

There may be another town hall scheduled for Paris Saint-Germain to hear the proposals from mayor Anne Hidalgo and the other parties involved in the Parc des Princes discussions, but the stand-off remains at deadlock.

PSG are looking to purchase the stadium outright in order to increase the seating capacity and the mayor has been firm in saying it is not for sale.

However, PSG may have fairly nearby alternative options that may not require building a brand-new stadium. Pierre Coppey, the man in charge of the Stade de France as head of Vinci Concessions – the Saint-Denis-based 80,000-seater which hosts France matches – made his position very clear: “We have been offering PSG to play at the Stade de France for thirty years…(we) are always ready to host them.”

The Stade de France may be a very interesting option for QSI to consider. The discussion to purchase the Parc des Princes came about mostly over PSG not wanting to increase the seating capacity to at least 60,000 without owning the facility itself.

With the Stade de France, the capacity is already well above that amount. The stadium is also world-renowned and is the home of the French National team. In ​​2022, it was the host location for the UEFA Champions League Final with an attendance of around 75,000.

Nothing is finalised with the Parc des Princes, but if no deal can be made there are several options remaining on the table for the club.


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