Former Liverpool academy player Tom Brewitt has sensationally admitted that he deliberately injured a team-mate in order to win a spot in Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Brewitt, who played for Morecambe last season before being released this summer, claims he was desperate to make the step up to the senior side and saw the opportunity to do so when the club went through an injury crisis during the 2015-16 campaign.

Klopp was light at the back for an upcoming FA Cup tie with Exeter during his first season at Anfield, which Brewitt believed was his moment to make his debut.

However, in order to win a spot in the starting XI, Brewitt was facing competition from fellow defender Daniel Cleary – a player he decided to ‘hurt’ in order to come out on top.

‘Whatever it took to do it, I was going to do it,’ Brewitt told the Football Journeys podcast.

‘If that meant hurting someone or ruining a relationship I had, I was going to do it. I was just desperate to play for Liverpool and that’s all I wanted to do.’

Brewitt, who captained the Reds in the FA Youth Cup, said he got on well with Cleary but believes he ‘ended the relationship’ through his actions.

Jurgen knew there was a crisis so he was going to play Jose Enrique centre-half and he was going to bring back Thiago Illori from his loan.

‘We didn’t know that until the first week of January, so running up to the back end of December it was [either] me or Dan Cleary who in my head was going to make their debut for Liverpool’s first-team in this game.

‘Me and Dan always got on to be honest, but I think I ended that relationship. I took the decision, it was me or him, so I went after him in training.

‘Before Christmas and the time between Christmas and New Year, I put myself next to him in in games and I just kicked him. I wasn’t trying to hurt him badly but I was trying to hurt him enough so he was out the way and I would play.

‘It was about a week before the Exeter game and I took a bit of a heavy touch in a seven-a-side and he’s come in to tackle me.


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