Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has hit out at Timo Werner’s critics while launching a passionate defence on the misfiring striker.

Werner has struggled to rediscover form since his move from RB Leipzig to Chelsea in the summer. The 25-year-old was heavily slammed during Germany’s 2-1 loss to North Macedonia after missing a clear chance.

However, Tuchel is adamant Werner will soon rediscover his form which persuaded Chelsea to with £52million to sign him last summer.

“First of all, it was a bad pass from Ilkay Gundogan this is how I see it, no I’m just joking,” he said ahead of the West Brom tie.

“Of course he misses the chance and everybody is passionate to talk about it which is a bit annoying for me. It’s a moment where he arrives where everyone talks about Timo Werner but the truth is he did not start three times for Germany, so maybe if he has more minutes he would’ve scored more.”

“It’s an easy solution in the moment to point the finger to Timo which I cannot understand fully and I will not accept. I am happy he is back here because here he is protected. We demand a lot from him and we get a lot from him.”

“The best thing maybe is to look at the situation honestly and not focus on the bad things but to look honestly where yes he is in a moment where he lacks confidence, where things are not too easy, the ball does not work out like it usually works out.”

“But he works hard for us. If this is the most critical point of his career so far look at the data and the statistics, he scores still for us, he is doing assists for us he is winning decisive penalties for us. So if this is the most critical point in your career you can still accept it and say it’s pretty impressive so far.”


“I trust and I hope he does the same. I talk to him about it but this guy scores since he’s five years old and he never stopped so he can trust that his brain and body remember to do that. It is absolutely usual for him to score so it will come back. It’s just a matter of time.”


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