Ezequiel Garay has announced his retirement from football at the of 34 following a long-term injury issue. 

“For three years, I have been silently fighting, trying to find a solution to the problem that appeared unexpectedly,” he said in a social media announcement.

Garay is a former Real Madrid defender who featured for the Los Blancos between 2008 and 2011 before moving to Valencia in 2016 where he spent four years.

The Argentine also enjoyed spells at Benfica and Zenit among other clubs, but he has been without a club since leaving Valencia in 2020.

And he has now revealed he has turned down offers due to his physical condition having struggled with injury since his Valencia days.

“Intense pain that even stopped me from walking at times. In February 2020, I suffered another serious injury from which I recovered. I even managed to negotiate with several clubs for my return.”

“But the truth is that I can’t. I cannot play anymore, and if I had accepted an offer, I would feel I would be cheating that club, the fans, and myself.”


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